Branding on Wood without a branding Iron

Branding on wood is done by burning into the wood, the original traditional way to do this was with a branding iron but you can now brand wood without needing a branding iron.

With the use of a laser you can now brand wood in very intricate detail by using the laser to burn the wood with the branding you want on the wood, this takes out the need of having a branding iron made up for you and also then needing to heat up the branding iron to manually do the wood branding with it.

Branding wood is something that we are able to do with the use of a high end laser engraver that is able to transfer your own branding direct onto the wood that you require to be branded, branding can be small or large depending on what is required.
A laser burns away at the wood to engrave into the wood that is to be branded and leave a permanent mark there.

If you'd like some wood branding we can do one off pieces or we can do big runs of repeat items depending on what is required. Please contact us with your requirements so we can help advise what is the best for you.

For example you may have a range of blank unbranded wooden menu's, placemats or serving boards for your restaurant and want them branding with your logo and restaurant name. This type of branding works really well and helps add that bit of uniqueness to your wooden boards.

February 07, 2018 by Mark Ward

Custom Buttons for Crafts & Sewing

Create your own custom buttons for crafts and sewing. If you are a creator of your own crafts or you sew or knit and want your own branding or custom made buttons to put on your items then having your own range of buttons made could be the solution you are looking for.

Many crafts people use buttons to add to their products, it could be that you knit and make your own range of bobble hats or blankets and want to personalise them with something a bit special that really looks the part then having custom made craft buttons that you can add to your finished products is subtle and stylish enough to do this job.

You may even be doing your own craft things for your wedding and need them as wedding favours or other occasions then again we can help create these for you.

We create and engrave wooden buttons to all shapes and sizes with text or logos depending on what is required, we can do short runs or large runs of buttons into the thousands depending on what you may require.

The larger the quality of custom buttons ordered the more the price reduces, for orders of over 200 buttons then you can contact us.

February 05, 2018 by Mark Ward

Can you put logos onto buttons?

If you are a business and want your logo putting onto a button then this is no real problem, the wooden buttons that we make we engrave the detail into the face of the button. These buttons are not printed on with the logo but engraved into the button to leave a lasting mark.

Depending on your logo putting it onto buttons should be feasible, very intricate logos  with lots of detail however may find the detail gets lost a bit as buttons are usually on the smaller side which means that any logo has to be shrunk to be engraved.

If you have a logo you want to be put onto a button then you can always contact us so we can see the logo to advise if we think the logo would work well or not.

With images it is also worth remembering about the button holes that will be needed for sewing the button on, we can make the buttons with 2 or 4 holes and so where possible the holes can be placed in the best place in relation to the image (unless the image is only on part of the button and the holes are not intruding on it.

We have found that colour printing he logo onto the current style of wooden buttons we make does not work well which is why we engrave our detail into the button itself.

If you want a logo putting onto a button then please contact us first as the set up process for this is more time consuming that just adding text around the edge of the button so we need to factor in this extra when pricing buttons with logos.

For our standard personalised wooden buttons that only require text around the edge then you can order online.

January 30, 2018 by Mark Ward

Can pictures be printed onto wood?

Yes, pictures can be printed direct on to wood but you need or will require a company who have specialist printers that are able to do so as this is not something that you can do with your traditional office printer.

When printing pictures or images onto wood this is something that we can do, the main requirement we require is that the wood is flat to make sure that the image is printed on as clear and in the best quality.

We have printed onto different types of wood for different projects and depending on what the print is for sometimes dictates the type of wood we have used. For invitations we have printed on 3mm thick plywood that really works well or for more special images these can look well on a thick piece of oak.

Anyone who is after a quality piece of wood to have a picture printed on then solid Oak is a firm favourite. Oak is the most popular type of wood that people look for when they are after a quality piece of timber, in general if you ask someone what is the best type of wood then Oak is the wood that they will come back with.

January 29, 2018 by Mark Ward

Oak Personalised Las Vegas wedding gift idea

Do you know someone who is getting married in Las Vegas or has got married in Vegas and you want to get them a special gift that marks their special day that brings in the Las Vegas theme to it then our solid oak signs are a lovely gift that a personalised with the couples names and wedding date along with the Las Vegas sign all colour printed directly onto a solid piece of oak - Las Vegas wedding Gift.

These also make a lovely gift for any couple on their 5th wedding anniversary who got married in Las Vegas as the traditional gift for 5 years of marriage is wood, so this can be custom made with your wedding date of 5 years ago and make a fabulous gift to mark the 5th anniversary.

Vegas wedding gift

The solid piece of oak measures approximately 14cm wide, 20.5cm tall and a 2.2cm thick meaning that it will be able to stand up with no extra support or it could even be modified to hang on a wall.

Las Vegas is an iconic place to get married so any couple who gets married in Vegas will no doubt have the iconic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign as a permanent reminder of this, this is why we have full colour printed the Welcome to Las Vegas sign onto the sign so it really stands out as a reminder of the trip out to Nevada.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Across the top of the sign we put the first names of the couple and then below this is a pair of red hearts entwined with each other. Under this is where we put "Mr & Mrs" (or this can be changed to "Mr & Mr" or "Mrs & Mrs" for any gay or lesbian weddings in Vegas).
The main Las Vegas logo is underneath this and it really does pop out and draw the eye to it. At the bottom is the married name of the couple and the wedding date between 2 red hearts.

The whole gift has a really stylish and quality feel to it, printed direct onto the piece of oak (not a transfer) it is a gift that will stand and take pride of place for any couple who receive it.

January 26, 2018 by Mark Ward

Can you make buttons to any shape and size?

With our wooden buttons we can make them to any shape and size for what you may require.

The majority of people just require the classic round button that we make and engrave in the wood, however we are not limited to round buttons as we create our buttons out of a plan piece of wood so we can cut them to the shape and size required, so we have done round, square, rectangular and even animal shaped buttons for customers specific requirements.
If you require something different than our standard 1" round personalised buttons then please be sue to contact us with your requirements so we can advise on costs.

In our cherry laminate wood that we use the maximum dimensions for a round button is around 30cm x 30cm (300mm x 300mm) (the length of a ruler) and if you want a giant button rectangular we can increase this to around 30cm x 60cm for the button. On the opposite end of the scale we can do buttons that could be as small or smaller than 1cm.

So if you want a large run of very small buttons or just a few giant or very large buttons or something in between then this is something that we should be able to help with, we have run button orders for customers in to the 1,000's so we can cater for large orders too.

As we can cut and engrave very intricate shapes we can make your buttons to different shapes too, so if you needed some buttons in the shape of a cow, dog, teddy bear then we should be able to accomplish your requirements of the different shaped buttons for whatever your project.

For any buttons that are different than our standard 1" ones we need to quote for them as obviously we need to work out based on the size of the button plus the shape and specification as to how much it will cost to make, the price for larger quantities of buttons works out better per button size as we have to account for the time it takes to design a new shaped button in our pricing.

January 25, 2018 by Mark Ward

VW Campervan themed Wedding stationery

A Campervan themed wedding is a wonderfully fun theme to choose for your wedding day, it might be part of a full on Festival themed wedding or you are just keeping it a bit more simple and having a campervan as your wedding car for the big day.

Either way you want to set the scene for the theme of your wedding day and you can do this to begin with with some Campervan Save the date fridge magnets to let you guests know of your special day. You want to make sure that your guests can make your wedding day (well hopefully you do) and so letting them know as soon as you can of the chosen wedding day will give them chance to pencil it into their diary. To do this you can send them a "Campervan Save The Date fridge magnet" that has your names and the date of your wedding fully colour printed onto wood with the outline of the VW Campervan cut out around it. To match up even more we can change the main colour of the campervan to match up with your colour scheme or that of the Campervan you might even be using as your wedding car.

Next up and a bit later on after the save the dates is when you need to sort you invites, again we have come up with some Campervan wedding invitations, full colour printed direct onto wood invites that give that extra wow factor as they are a bit different than the usual paper/card invitations most people send.

VW Campervan Wedding Invitations

January 25, 2018 by Mark Ward

What to put in a Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve Box is a lovely way to bring a little bit of extra magic to Christmas and will be sure to make the night before Christmas that extra bit special and exciting.

If you've already got a Christmas Eve Box, are planning on making one or are yet to buy one then you still need to figure out what to put in a Christmas Eve Box, there are a few simple suggestions that need not break the bank but all add up to help bring that extra bit of magic to Christmas Eve.

A new set of nightwear or PJs are great. It's so nice getting into a new pair of Pyjamas so a new set for Christmas Eve are just the ticket. You can even choose festive ones if you want or you can go for more "all year round" designs if you don't want to be seeing reindeer and Father Christmas each morning in March!
The great thing with new PJs is that you can then have people snuggle into them before they get to tuck into the other treats in the box.

Classic Christmas Film:
There are loads of Christmas films to choose from including loads of classics that will set the Christmas mood. A lovely way to spend the afternoon or evening just before bed is to settle down as a family and watch a festive movie.

Hot Chocolate:
A nice warm cup of hot chocolate is a real treat (maybe some marshmallows and a bit of cream on top too to make it extra special?), bring out the festive mugs too.

Father Christmas magic key:
If you live in a house without a chimney then how will Father Christmas be able to get in. Get a Santa's Magic Key that can be hung outside so that the man in the red coat can easily get into your house on Christmas night.

Chocolate Coins:
Chocolate coins are a festive tradition now (despite Cadbury's no longer making them). Stick a few coins or a little net of Chocolate coins in to eat, they will compliment the hot chocolate and film perfectly.

Cuddly Toy:
A little Christmas teddy can easily fit in, only a small one o it will fit into the box and doesn't need to break the bank. Just a nice thing for any children to take to bed with them on Christmas Eve to help them get to sleep before Father Christmas comes.

Reindeer Food:
Some magical reindeer food that you can put out so that the reindeer can find you. You can make this yourself for very little with some porridge oaks and bit of glitter and seal it up in a little bag and just then need to scatter it outside. A little exciting task to do before bed time along with putting out a mince pie and a drink for Father Christmas on a Santa's snack plate.

Christmas Book:
Read a nice Christmas Story, there are plenty of classics, traditional or even some more modern stories depending on what you are after. You can also choose one as to what the real meaning of Christmas is all about.

Christmas Activity Pack:
A small activity pack is a great idea if you want your children to have something to do if you have a few last minute Christmas jobs of your own to get done, settle them down with an activity pack that has Christmas pictures to colour in and other activities such as word search that could help occupy some time and be fun.

August 25, 2017 by External Access

Sell our products on your Christmas market stalls

Christmas fairs and Christmas Markets are hugely popular as November and December roll around and you often have a highly targeted and active buying set of shoppers at them so you have the chance to make some good money if you are planning on having your own stall.

If you are going to be running a stall at a Christmas market and want to expand your range of gifts and products you have then we can possibly help you with some of our Christmas gifts that could work well on your stall.

Products such as our Father Christmas/Santa Buttons are a lovely gift that parents leave around the house on Christmas morning as the button must have fallen on Father Christmas coat.

Another products that could sell well are the Father Christmas snack trays that have a place for a snack and a drink for the big man in the red coat and also a place for a carrot for Rudolph and the other reindeer to eat. The engraved wooden board again is available as either Father Christmas or Santa Claus so it is available for whatever your customers refer to him as.

August 03, 2017 by Mark Ward

Wholesale and business orders are welcome

As a business who makes our own gifts we have plenty of freedom to offer our products and services for business users too. This is not limited to what we currently make but if you require bespoke designs making or engraving.

If there is any of our products that you wish to stock or an idea you may have for a new design that you think we might be able to help with then please be sure to get in contact with us.

As many of our products are personalised we do still have some generic un-personalised gifts too, we can also create products to your specification too.

An example of a product that you may think would work well if you are a business or even if you run stalls at different fairs or Christmas fairs are our Father Christmas buttons for example, these are lovely and popular items that you can easily sell at your own price or to incorporate into other gifts you may produce. The same can be done with perhaps other Christmas decorations too.

So for any wholesale and business orders and enquiries then please contact us direct with your queries.

August 03, 2017 by Mark Ward