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Make sure your friends & family keep your wedding date saved

So you've got that engagement ring on the finger and have had all that excitement and now you've just set your wedding date but know it is too early to be sending out your wedding invitations or your evening invites. What you don't want is your friends and family to be double booked with other events or holidays so instead of just verbally telling people when your wedding date is that is very easily forgotten then you could look to send out some personalised "Save The Date" or for evening guests "Save The Evening" reminders.

"Save The Date" fridge magnetsUnlike traditional "Save The Date" cards that can easily get lost at the bottom of a drawer we have created Save The Date fridge magnets that you can give to your guests and will magnetically stick to their fridge with your wedding date on so they know what date to keep free.

Our wedding "Save The Date" have a real touch of class and style to them and will impress all your guests. They are made out of a lovely cherry wood that measures 5cm x 3cm with a magnet attached to the back.

Your personalisation is then engraved into the wood.

These are a real favourite for couples planning a wedding (or even a party) as they are a lovely handy size but not too big that means guests will hide them away and are great to be kept safe on people’s fridges.

We sell the "Save The Date" in multiples of 10 and with orders above 50 the price per unit reduces slightly making them even more well priced the more you buy.

Our latest Save The Date design has a heart shaped design with a banner running through the bottom.