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Branding on Wood without a branding Iron

Branding on wood is done by burning into the wood, the original traditional way to do this was with a branding iron but you can now brand wood without needing a branding iron.

With the use of a laser you can now brand wood in very intricate detail by using the laser to burn the wood with the branding you want on the wood, this takes out the need of having a branding iron made up for you and also then needing to heat up the branding iron to manually do the wood branding with it.

Branding wood is something that we are able to do with the use of a high end laser engraver that is able to transfer your own branding direct onto the wood that you require to be branded, branding can be small or large depending on what is required.
A laser burns away at the wood to engrave into the wood that is to be branded and leave a permanent mark there.

If you'd like some wood branding we can do one off pieces or we can do big runs of repeat items depending on what is required. Please contact us with your requirements so we can help advise what is the best for you.

For example you may have a range of blank unbranded wooden menu's, placemats or serving boards for your restaurant and want them branding with your logo and restaurant name. This type of branding works really well and helps add that bit of uniqueness to your wooden boards.

February 07, 2018 by Mark Ward
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