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Can you put logos onto buttons?

If you are a business and want your logo putting onto a button then this is no real problem, the wooden buttons that we make we engrave the detail into the face of the button. These buttons are not printed on with the logo but engraved into the button to leave a lasting mark.

Depending on your logo putting it onto buttons should be feasible, very intricate logos  with lots of detail however may find the detail gets lost a bit as buttons are usually on the smaller side which means that any logo has to be shrunk to be engraved.

If you have a logo you want to be put onto a button then you can always contact us so we can see the logo to advise if we think the logo would work well or not.

With images it is also worth remembering about the button holes that will be needed for sewing the button on, we can make the buttons with 2 or 4 holes and so where possible the holes can be placed in the best place in relation to the image (unless the image is only on part of the button and the holes are not intruding on it.

We have found that colour printing he logo onto the current style of wooden buttons we make does not work well which is why we engrave our detail into the button itself.

If you want a logo putting onto a button then please contact us first as the set up process for this is more time consuming that just adding text around the edge of the button so we need to factor in this extra when pricing buttons with logos.

For our standard personalised wooden buttons that only require text around the edge then you can order online.

January 30, 2018 by Mark Ward
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