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Custom Keyrings for your Brand, Events or Merchandise for Bulk Trade Orders

Custom designed and made keyrings for all brands, events or Merchandise for bulk order keyrings. Custom engraved into wood and cut to the size and shape you require these are truly eye catching and unique keyrings with your brand or message on.

Our branded keyrings are that little bit more special than cheaper plastic keyrings, ours are made and engraved in wood which gives a lovely quality and natural feel to the keyrings.

Everyone has sets of keys so if you can get your keyring as one of the ones they use then you can get yourself some constant brand building going on. You can buy in bulk our wooden keyrings that have been engraved with your brand or event and cut out to the style and shape you require.

To get a quote please contact us with your requirements and or ideas with what you would like to achieve and what quantities you require so we can give you a tailored quote.

Custom keyrings with your branding, logo or message

Our keyrings are also great to use as merchandise if you want your own range of keyrings or key fobs to sell that have your own branding or logo on that customers may even want to buy.

We can make orders of all quantities, from small numbers such as 50 keyrings to orders requiring x 10,000's of keyrings depending on your requirements.

If you run a festival for example you may be giving away a keyring on entry to every paying customer, great brand building for you and a lovely usable keepsake for the customer as a reminder of how great the event was.

The great thing with choosing the right keyring is that you may find your customers use it on a daily basis which is just such a strong tool for brand recognition and for anyone else who sees it.

We are able to create and manufacture large quantities of keyrings with a quick fast turn around and shipping to you. Depending on the order requirements we have in some instances been able to deliver the next day hundreds of branded keyings.

August 07, 2018 by Mark Ward
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