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Custom Buttons for Crafts & Sewing

Create your own custom buttons for crafts and sewing. If you are a creator of your own crafts or you sew or knit and want your own branding or custom made buttons to put on your items then having your own range of buttons made could be the solution you are looking for.

Many crafts people use buttons to add to their products, it could be that you knit and make your own range of bobble hats or blankets and want to personalise them with something a bit special that really looks the part then having custom made craft buttons that you can add to your finished products is subtle and stylish enough to do this job.

You may even be doing your own craft things for your wedding and need them as wedding favours or other occasions then again we can help create these for you.

We create and engrave wooden buttons to all shapes and sizes with text or logos depending on what is required, we can do short runs or large runs of buttons into the thousands depending on what you may require.

The larger the quality of custom buttons ordered the more the price reduces, for orders of over 200 buttons then you can contact us.

February 05, 2018 by Mark Ward
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