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Personalised Christmas tree decorations & Baubles for your tree

With Christmas fast approaching we have worked on a few Christmas related designs and specifically personalised Christmas tree baubles and gifts that are a great way to personalise your Christmas tree in the festive season.

Our personalised tree decorations are a lovely way to mark a special Christmas, for example a baby’s first Christmas, a couples first married Christmas together, the first year in a new home or even to send to someone to show them that you are missing them at Christmas.

The decorations can be personalised with any names or messages you want and will look great on the Christmas tree.

Jigsaw pieces: Our pair of jigsaw piece tree decorations work great for a couple, friends, parents, family members as each piece can have an individual name or message on and when joined together the jigsaw pieces fit into each other to show they are joined. The decoration measure around 17cm x 8cm when the pieces are joined together.

Heart shaped Christmas decorations: The heart shaped wooden decorations are great to have any short message engraved onto them to mark the special occasion. The decoration has a star engraved into the corner and is again made out of a beautiful cherry wood and measures 6.5cm x 7cm.

Double baubles: The double bauble design is as the name suggests a pair of tree baubles that are joined together and again can represent the joining of a couple of family members and there is room for a nice message to go across the middle of the baubles. They are again made out of our lovely Cherry wood and the tree decoration measures 11.5cm x 8cm

Why not surprise a loved one or friend this Christmas and give them a tree decoration that they will cherish and be with them all through the festive season and it will be something that you or they can look back on in years to come to remind yourselves of the memories of this Christmas.