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Personalised Wooden Buttons



Our wooden buttons are made out of a cherry wood veneer and measure 25mm (approximately 1" in diameter) . They come with 4 button holes in the middle of them (although this can be changed to 2 if requested in advance).

These are engraved wooden buttons with the markings made into the actual wood of the button, this makes them great for people who want custom buttons for crafts, people who sew or knit or even to be used as part of your wedding decorations.

Our buttons are very popular with those who do crafts or those who want custom buttons for sewing or knitting.

However it is worth noting that our buttons we make can vary in shape and size and that this listing is for the default size and design as listed.

By default we will try and repeat the button words at the top and bottom depending on the length of the text required, if this is too long then we look to space the details out to fill the button as best as we think it will look.

If you would like different sized or different shaped buttons please contact us with your requirements so we can make sure we get them to the specification you require.

The multiple button (the quantity in the drop down option) price is for if all the buttons are exactly the same. If you require 5 buttons and they all have different words then you need to purchase 5 individual buttons.

The price of the personalised buttons comes down the larger the number that are bought.