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Why are Horseshoes Lucky at Weddings

One of the traditional gifts given at weddings is the Lucky Horseshoe and this dates back many many years with the actual reason possibly down to a number of different superstitions or reasons depending on what you want to believe.

Why are horseshoes lucky at weddings?In pre-Christian times the horseshoe was said to represent a crescent moon which meant it was a potent fertility charm. The Romans  believed the "U" shape offered protection from evil and others believe that the "U shape of the horseshoe meant it could retain good luck and that it could retain good luck forever if the horseshoe is kept hung up in the "U" shape rather than turned upside down where the good luck of the marriage might be able to fall out.

Whatever the real reason the giving of a wedding horseshoe it is still a lovely traditional gift that any new bride is likely to appreciate on her wedding day.

Modern times mean that there is a huge range of wedding horseshoes that are available to buy and it is a product line that we ourselves make with our personalised wedding horseshoes that are engraved and cut out of wood.


June 16, 2017 by Mark Ward
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