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Gift ideas for a pregnant Mum to be

Being pregnant over Christmas is a special time as you know that next Christmas things will be very different in your household. Pregnant Mum's (& Dad's) will no doubt be thinking ahead about what will be different (especially if it's waiting for the arrival of your first baby).

Although your baby is not there with you properly but your baby is there growing inside pregnant mum's tummies so it is actually still with you over Christmas and so many people still like to mark the special occasion of your Bump's 1st Christmas. There is not loads you can do but there are some special token things, one of which is marking your Bump being with you over Christmas. We make a personalised Bump's First Christmas decoration which is personalised with the current year on it. This will make a lovely lasting keepsake after Christmas and you can even bring it out each Christmas to put on your Christmas tree to remember how special the time was and that you were thinking about the joy your baby would bring when they arrive.

Other gifts that can be given tot he mum to be are perhaps a token gift "from" your baby, it doesn't have to be anything over the top but again just a token gift that Mum will cherish, if mum is into charm bracelets then maybe just a small charm from the baby. You could also go down the indulgent route from a gift from the baby, does Mum have a current pregnancy craving, maybe there is a certain type of chocolate that she is craving and you could wrap that up with a Happy Christmas note from the baby too.

Just keep it thoughtful and mum to be will love it!

June 16, 2017 by Mark Ward
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