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Baby's First Christmas - Make it one to remember

The year a new baby arrived in the family is an exciting time, there are so many "firsts" to come and each one is very special in their own way as your baby develops and learns.

Other than all the amazing firsts such as first smile and first crawl or steps which are landmark days you like to cherish and remember there are other special baby's firsts that pop up in the year and Baby's First Christmas is one of them.

Your baby probably won't really know what is going on and they won't really get the excitement of unwrapping presents yet but it is still a very special occasion as it will be your Baby's 1st Christmas and one that you will always remember fondly.

Your little bundle of joy is likely to be getting spoilt by all your family and friends with nice gifts of toys and clothes but it is also nice to have something that you can look back on as a reminder of this special Christmas day.

Baby's First ChristmasOne popular gift that we make is our personalised Baby's First Christmas baubles that can hang on your Christmas tree. The decoration is personalised with your baby's name and the current year and is engraved into a wooden bauble so it will be a lasting keepsake from this first Christmas you have shared together. Many people like to pull out the Baby's First Christmas tree decoration each year to hang back on the tree too and as your child grows and gets older you will always be reminded back to that very special first one and how special they still are to you now.

June 12, 2017 by Mark Ward
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