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What to put in a Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve Box is a lovely way to bring a little bit of extra magic to Christmas and will be sure to make the night before Christmas that extra bit special and exciting.

If you've already got a Christmas Eve Box, are planning on making one or are yet to buy one then you still need to figure out what to put in a Christmas Eve Box, there are a few simple suggestions that need not break the bank but all add up to help bring that extra bit of magic to Christmas Eve.

A new set of nightwear or PJs are great. It's so nice getting into a new pair of Pyjamas so a new set for Christmas Eve are just the ticket. You can even choose festive ones if you want or you can go for more "all year round" designs if you don't want to be seeing reindeer and Father Christmas each morning in March!
The great thing with new PJs is that you can then have people snuggle into them before they get to tuck into the other treats in the box.

Classic Christmas Film:
There are loads of Christmas films to choose from including loads of classics that will set the Christmas mood. A lovely way to spend the afternoon or evening just before bed is to settle down as a family and watch a festive movie.

Hot Chocolate:
A nice warm cup of hot chocolate is a real treat (maybe some marshmallows and a bit of cream on top too to make it extra special?), bring out the festive mugs too.

Father Christmas magic key:
If you live in a house without a chimney then how will Father Christmas be able to get in. Get a Santa's Magic Key that can be hung outside so that the man in the red coat can easily get into your house on Christmas night.

Chocolate Coins:
Chocolate coins are a festive tradition now (despite Cadbury's no longer making them). Stick a few coins or a little net of Chocolate coins in to eat, they will compliment the hot chocolate and film perfectly.

Cuddly Toy:
A little Christmas teddy can easily fit in, only a small one o it will fit into the box and doesn't need to break the bank. Just a nice thing for any children to take to bed with them on Christmas Eve to help them get to sleep before Father Christmas comes.

Reindeer Food:
Some magical reindeer food that you can put out so that the reindeer can find you. You can make this yourself for very little with some porridge oaks and bit of glitter and seal it up in a little bag and just then need to scatter it outside. A little exciting task to do before bed time along with putting out a mince pie and a drink for Father Christmas on a Santa's snack plate.

Christmas Book:
Read a nice Christmas Story, there are plenty of classics, traditional or even some more modern stories depending on what you are after. You can also choose one as to what the real meaning of Christmas is all about.

Christmas Activity Pack:
A small activity pack is a great idea if you want your children to have something to do if you have a few last minute Christmas jobs of your own to get done, settle them down with an activity pack that has Christmas pictures to colour in and other activities such as word search that could help occupy some time and be fun.

August 25, 2017 by External Access
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