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Santa's Magic Key



Not having a chimney at Christmas makes some children worried about how Santa will be able to get in to deliver their presents. Don't worry though, you can get one of our personalised "Santa's Magic Keys" that Father Christmas will be able to use to gain access to your house and leave the presents under the Christmas tree.

The wooden keys have a special "S" for Santa on the end so he can use it to get access to your house, they are also personalised with your child/children’s names just so Santa knows exactly which house the key is for. Attached to the key with a festive ribbon is a short note again engraved into the wood to Santa so he knows to use the Magic Santa key to get into your house, you just need to leave it outside the house door (maybe next to a carrot for the reindeer).
The note on the keyrings reads: "Santa, please use this magic key as we don't have a chimney".