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You'd be barking mad not to get your Dog Christmas decorations

As a business that has our own Boxer Dog (Eric) with us all day for company we know how much our four legged friends are and as a big part of the family they are as much a part of our Christmas celebrations as other family members.

Personalised dog decorationsSo knowing how much dog owners love their pooches we've come up with some personalised dog Christmas tree decorations to really show they are part of the family.

We have launched 2 new dog tree decoration designs this week, the first is a personalised dog bone tree decoration design with 2 couple of paw prints engraved on it and then some stars cut out around the edge, in the middle of the bone we will engrave your dog’s name and it comes ready to hand with a festive twine.

Dog Christmas tree baublesThe other design is our personalised dog paw and a bone attached to each other, again it has some stars cut out and your dog’s name is engraved into the middle of the bone.

 If your dog has perhaps passed away and gone over the Rainbow Bridge then we can also do these with a small engraving of "You left a paw print on our hearts" at the bottom of each design so you can keep it as a lovely reminder.


November 10, 2016 by Mark Ward
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