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The key to a magical Christmas

A festive innovation is set to give children - and parents - a good night’s sleep on Christmas Eve. For generations children who live in homes with no chimney have worried about how, or even if, Father Christmas will deliver their presents. Now, thanks to an agreement we have with Father Chritmas at the North Pole they can stop worrying and look forward to a magical, stress-free Christmas.

Santa's Magic KeyWe have Santa’s Magic Keys that unlock the mystery of how stockings are filled and presents left under the tree. Santa’s Magic Keys ensure Father Christmas can deliver presents to any home - even ones without a chimney. What’s more, Father Christmas has given special permission to have extra keys cut so parents can buy one and use it year after year - ensuring Christmas is the magical, happy time St Christopher intended it to be.

Every magic key has an ‘S’ on it so Santa will know that is the key he can use to open a door. Each key is also personalised with a child’s name engraved in wood, so Santa will never leave the wrong presents or miss a home just because it hasn’t got a chimney. To make the magic work, just leave the key outside on Christmas Eve and Santa will find it. He won’t miss it, because a note on the keyring says: “Santa, please use this magic key as we don’t have a chimney.”

And imagine children finding a big, wooden button engraved with ‘Santa Claus’ when they wake up on Christmas Day… They will be convinced, it must have fallen off something (or someone). The wooden Santa Claus Button, also available from us is a great way to add that extra bit of magic to Christmas morning - to show children that the big man in the red suit has been.

All buttons are engraved with the message “Property of Santa Claus” and with his initials, ‘SC’, at the bottom. Children will be in no doubt as to who the button they find belongs to!

November 15, 2016 by Mark Ward
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