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New Christmas designs

We've been busy this week coming up with some new Christmas designs and ideas and will be adding more and more in the coming weeks/months as we lead up to Christmas.

First up we have our wooden Christmas Cards which are a lovely idea if you want a Christmas card that is extra special, they are made out of wood and measure 14cm x 9.5cm. There is also the option if you wish to purchase a stand for the card too. We have a few designs so far but will be creating and designing more festive cards.

Next up we have our large personalised wooden Christmas Boxes, we have designed a large Christmas Eve Box and also a large wooden Christmas parcel style box, both fully personalised for the recipient, with the Christmas Eve Box we think due to its size it would also be suitable for families to use.

Next we have our personalised Christmas baubles which again are made out of wood and are of a standard bauble design with stars cut out of it and also any name you want cut out of it too. They will look fabulous hung on the Christmas tree and will make lovely small Christmas gifts that will be kept a lifetime as they can be hung up each year!

The one person you don't want to forget about on Christmas Eve is the main man himself, Santa, with his very busy schedule he is bound to be tired and hungry so make sure you leave him out a snack, drink and something for the reindeer too. Choose one of our personalised Santa Plates that are set out with a place for a mince pie, drink and carrot. Santa will be ever so thankful you were so thoughtful and will definitely think you deserve to be on the "Nice List"!


September 13, 2016 by Mark Ward
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