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Finding Santa's Button really adds to the Magic of Christmas

Help keep the magic and mystery of Christmas alive when your children find that Santa Claus has lost his button when delivering presents that night.

Santa works so hard on Christmas Eve that his button must have come loose and dropped off his jacket in your house that night.

Santa’s Button measures 2" and is made out of wood and is engraved with the message "Property of Santa Clause" and then his initials "SC" engraved at the bottom of the Santa's Button.

Santa's ButtonHaving Santa’s Button will really prove that the big man in the red coat does exist and the Button will be a treasured keepsake, you could even decide Christmas next year to leave a note saying that Father Christmas could have his button back which he could take or he could leave a note saying that it's fine and that Mrs Claus had sewed him a new button on since then.

October 13, 2016 by Mark Ward
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