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Valentines Day personalised gift ideas

With Valentine’s Day soon to roll around (14th February for those of you who couldn't remember the date) it's time to start thinking of a nice loving and thoughtful gift to give to your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/secret crush etc, thankfully for some of the nicest well thought personalised Valentine's gifts we may be able to help you out!

We make and create a few wonderful small gifts that don't break the bank but are packed full of "romance and thoughtfulness" that will score you big brownie points come Valentine’s Day.

Our special dated keyrings can be used to mark the date a Girlfriend/Boyfriend first went on a date or when a Husband/Wife got married. The keyring has the calendar month engraved into the wood along with a relevant loving message at the top and bottom (e.g. "My Wife since" at the top and then "All my Love forever, Mark xxx" at the bottom, you can even add a slightly longer message to the reverse too.

We also have our jigsaw keyrings that is a pair of keyrings that join together, each piece has a heart engraved onto the connector piece and you can have a message engraved onto the front of each piece and again a short message engraved onto the reverse of them too if you wish, that way you can both have a keyring that join up together, oooor, how romantic :)
Along the same theme we do our calendar jigsaw keyrings which have a calendar month year and date circled on the front and then a short message on the reverse of them too, a great way to mark a special day you have together maybe such as a wedding anniversary.

Something slightly different but equally unique are our wooden cufflinks that can be engraved with your own short message or you could have a very small calendar month engraved onto them too

January 07, 2015 by Mark Ward
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