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Impress your guests with a stunning Wooden Wedding Invitation

We have designed a range of wooden wedding invitations. These are a sure way to really stand out from the crowd and are a extreemtly lovely and unique idea for a wedding invite.

Wooden wedding invitationsCurrently we have 3 wedding invitation designs that can all be altereted and personalised to suit your own wedding (or party).

The wooden wedding invites are made out of a 3.2mm cherry wood and have the wedding/party details engraved into the wood. The details are not just simply printed on the wood but they are actually engraved into the wood so they won't scratch off.

We can alter parts of the invites and change sizes or even if you wish have heart shaped holes cut into the wood if you so wish. By default the standard size are A6 whcih is around 105mm x 148mm.

There isn't a great deal we can say about these invites as they speak for themselves, they really do give a real touch of class and are not as expensive as you many people would think, they are comparibly priced to many paper/card wedding invitations. Price can be as low as £3.20 per wooden invitation.

We can if required personalise each individual wedding invitation, obviously this would be at a further price to do so as it is a very time consuming thing.

Currently we have a couple of modern style invite designs and also a lovely Postcard wedding invitation design too. If you have your own design that you would like us to do though please get in contact with us as we are always happy to do other custom orders too.

January 06, 2015 by Mark Ward
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