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Coordinate your love with our keyrings

What a truly romantic gesture for your other half by showing you remember the place that you first met, where you got engaged, where you got married etc. by having the Longitude and Latitude coordinates engraving onto a wooden keyring to give to them.

Coordinates keyringA simple but highly thoughtful gift idea that will mean so much to both of you.

We have created a wooden Coordinates keyring where you can have these details engraved, you can even add a date to the front or back if you want and also have the option to have a personal message adding to the reverse too to personalise the keyring even more.

If you need to find the exact longitude & latitude coordinates for a specific location then all you need to do is visit and enter the location, you can then even move the map to find an even more specific area to pin point the location if you wish.

March 09, 2016 by Mark Ward
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