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New images for our Wooden building blocks

We've been busy getting some more images for you all to choose from to have engraved onto your personalised wooden building blocks that we sell.

Wooden building block animalsSometimes it's nice to add an extra block with an animal or other image with personalised blocks just to add a bit more fun to them.

We've a range of animals (Lion, Monkey, Hippo, Elephant or a dove), a car, tractor, spaceman, sun, and cross. We are always happy to hear other suggestions for what you might want on your personalised wooden baby blocks so don't be afraid to send us a message and ask for anything specific :)

Pictures on personalised baby blocksMany people buy our wooden baby blocks to mark the birth of a baby (so they have the babies name, date of birth, weight, time of birth etc. put onto blocks), you can also add a picture to one of the blocks too. They are also great to mark a birthday or even special occasions such as a babies Christening building blocks as you can again put the special date and incorporate a cross and or a Dove into the blocks.
Some people like to spell out a name with the blocks (baby name blocks) with each block having one letter of the child’s name on them which can then be placed side by side or stacked one on top of each other.

March 08, 2016 by Mark Ward
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