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Our new Wedding Signature Guest Boards

With wedding season fast approaching (well already here), we've been busy working on some new wedding guest book ideas but going on a slight different tangent we've designed some wedding signature guest boards that might be what you are looking for.

First up is our large heart shaped wedding guest board, made form a birch ply and measuring 40cm x 40cm the heart shaped signature board is engraved with the details of your wedding in the middle, you can choose what you want engraving such as Name(s) and wedding date etc.

The board only needs a standard biro pen available for your guests to sign it (Sharpie's and marker pens don't work as well as the ink spreads a bit).

After your wedding you can then be creative on how you want to display it around your home depending on what suits your needs best.

Our other signature guest board is a framed board, now this again uses a birch ply wood again but is encased in a frame so is ready to hand on the wall straight away after your wedding. The frame measures 43cm x 33cm and internally there is a wooden board that your guests can sign (the area for signing is 38cm x 28cm). In the center of the board is a engraved heart in a cherry veneer that has your own personalisation on to stand out with space for your guests to sign all around it.

April 27, 2017 by Mark Ward
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