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Large Wooden wedding boxes great as wedding post box

Our large wooden wedding box crates are a great as a keepsake box from a wedding but can also be doubled up to be used on the wedding day by being used as a wedding card post box for guests to leave their wedding cards.

The large personalised wooden wedding box measures 45cm(l) x 32cm(w) x 25cm(h) with the top of the box able to be lifted off.

The box could be set up with the lid off the box and propped up to show the lovely personalised top of the box giving plenty of space then for guests to place their cards into the box.

Once used as a wedding post box the box then can have a big use at the newlyweds home where it can be used as a useful storage box around the home or even to store all the special wedding keepsakes that they got from their wedding day.
With cut out handles on each side of the large box means that the box is easy to transport and lift/carry.

The markings on the top of the box are actually engraved into the wood and not just printed on meaning that they will leave a lasting mark on the box. We can alter the text on the box if you require something different so please just ask. By default the box has the married couples name(s) at the top, a braid & groom characters and then the wedding date at the bottom.

June 23, 2016 by Mark Ward
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