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First Christmas Decorations & Baubles

There are a few different circumstances where you might want to celebrate a "First Christmas" and mark the special occasion, it could be the first Christmas since a baby has been born or it could be the first married Christmas of a couple that has happened this year.
Whatever the occasion you may find that one of our range of First Christmas decorations could be what you are after, they are in-expensive but pack a real punch in terms of sentimentality and are a certain keepsake for years to come.

In terms of baby's then there are 2 real occasions you may be after, it could be that your baby is not yet born and is still a bump, in which case the "Bump's First Christmas" bauble shows that your baby is there still growing and with you, it also adds to the already growing excitement that they will be with you in person for next Christmas too which is just a lovely thought.

Any baby's who are going to be having their first time with Father Christmas coming to visit also is a very special occasion, the Personalised First Christmas heart shape decoration not only has the baby's name but also the year engraved onto it too.

Newly married couples are also excited about spending their first Christmas as a husband and wife team and so the various "1st Christmas as Mr & Mrs" baubles are perfect. There are a few different versions to choose from, you can choose it to say "Your" if it is a gift you are giving them, it can start with "Our" if you are buying it yourself or you can leave out either of those prefixes and just have the personalised "1st Christmas as Mr & Mrs" bauble which has their name and the year engraved onto it.

July 10, 2017 by Mark Ward
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