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Can you make buttons to any shape and size?

With our wooden buttons we can make them to any shape and size for what you may require.

The majority of people just require the classic round button that we make and engrave in the wood, however we are not limited to round buttons as we create our buttons out of a plan piece of wood so we can cut them to the shape and size required, so we have done round, square, rectangular and even animal shaped buttons for customers specific requirements.
If you require something different than our standard 1" round personalised buttons then please be sue to contact us with your requirements so we can advise on costs.

In our cherry laminate wood that we use the maximum dimensions for a round button is around 30cm x 30cm (300mm x 300mm) (the length of a ruler) and if you want a giant button rectangular we can increase this to around 30cm x 60cm for the button. On the opposite end of the scale we can do buttons that could be as small or smaller than 1cm.

So if you want a large run of very small buttons or just a few giant or very large buttons or something in between then this is something that we should be able to help with, we have run button orders for customers in to the 1,000's so we can cater for large orders too.

As we can cut and engrave very intricate shapes we can make your buttons to different shapes too, so if you needed some buttons in the shape of a cow, dog, teddy bear then we should be able to accomplish your requirements of the different shaped buttons for whatever your project.

For any buttons that are different than our standard 1" ones we need to quote for them as obviously we need to work out based on the size of the button plus the shape and specification as to how much it will cost to make, the price for larger quantities of buttons works out better per button size as we have to account for the time it takes to design a new shaped button in our pricing.

January 25, 2018 by Mark Ward
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