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Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Your wedding guest book can often be an overlooked part of your wedding day things to organise but it is an item that you will hopefully have as a great memento filled with well wishes that bring you back to your wedding day.

Obviously the traditional route is as the name suggests and to get a book that your guests can sign and add a message too, you can personalise your book or even link it up with a photo booth so you have your picture taken and added to the book and then you sign your message next to it, a great and fun way to get your guests involved and to sign it.
A standard guest book can be a relatively cost effective thing to have and it doesn't cost too much to get a personalised one with your wedding details printed onto the front or into it, either way it is a good budget option.
Wooden engraved personalised Wedding GuestbookWe do our own wooden engraved wedding guestbook that has a stunning wooden front and rear cover to it along with 40 pages (80 sides) for your guests to sign.

Drop top guests books are becoming increasingly more popular, this is effectively a frame where your guests then write their message on a wooden token, such as a heart shape, circle or whatever takes your fancy. Once they have written their message they then drop it in the top of the frame and it drops down and is then framed and ready for you to read. These can then be hung straight on your wall as a daily reminder of your day so great to keep the memories and well wishes flowing.

Jigsaw puzzle guest books are another new and novel way for your guests to leave you a message. Your guests can sign one of the jigsaw pieces of your guest book and then add it to the jigsaw puzzle, you can have your own name and wedding date entered onto it too and everyone adds their puzzle pieces around it to complete a full jigsaw puzzle. This has a lovely meaning that all the people at your wedding were part of the day and helped make it complete. The finished jigsaw can then be framed or displayed however you would like. Depending on your wedding party size you can choose how many jigsaw pieces that you need your jigsaw guest book to have.

You can have a ready to hang option with a picture of the happy couple in the middle of a large piece of paper/card and then your guests can sign all around the picture which is then ready to frame and hang on the wall. Again a really inexpensive option if you want to have a different guest book on a budget.
We have our own framed version of this with a framed wedding guest board where your guests can sign around the wooden framed board.

Personalised wedding guest boardAnother guest board idea is like our engraved heart shaped wooden guest board, the center of the large wooden heart is engraved with your wedding details and then around the heart is lots of space for your guests to write their well wishes, congratulations and leave their signatures.

Jenga guest books can be something a bit different, you can get lots of Jenga style blocks and then either have them plain or personalise them and let your guests sign their message on the Jenga blocks which you can then build a Jenga Tower game with.

September 12, 2015 by Mark Ward
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