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Engraved Wooden Hotel Keyrings : B&B and Guest Houses

Do you need wooden hotel keyrings for your hotel, B&B or Guest House engraved with your logo/name and room names and numbers then plase get in contact.

We are able to create and make wooden hotel/ B&B/Guest House keyrings to your own design or requirements or we can create something for you. Keyrings can be double sided if required so hotel name/logo on one side and room name/number on the other etc.

All the engraved hotel keyrings are engraved into the actual wood (not printed on) and we can do to different sizes or shapes depending on what you want. We can engrave your logo into the wood too.

Please contact us to enquire about getting your own engraved hotel keyrings made.

We usually make our keyrings out of a 3mm cherry veneer which we find gives a really lovely look to the keyrings.

May 11, 2015 by Mark Ward
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