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Stickman Storyboard chopping board



Our unique Stickmen storyboard chopping board is a marvelous gift idea that is personalised to your own (or recipients) special life events.

The storyboard can have anything from 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 different storyboard slides to it depending on what you want adding, so it can either be used to map a whole range of special life events or if you prefer just to mark a specific special occasion such as buying a first home or maybe just to have your own full stickman family on the chopping board.

Our stickmen slides you can choose from include:

- A couple meeting/falling in love
- Getting engaged
- Getting married
- Buying a house
- Getting a pet cat/dog
- Going on holiday
- Having a baby
- Showing the full family together (if just having one large stickman family on the chopping board then we are able to add names under each person and pet).
- We can also just add words to one or more of the slides too if you wish.