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Personalised Wooden LP Record Clock



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Want something truly unique then get a wooden engraved LP Record cover with your own song artist and song plus personal message engraved onto a wooden "vinyl" LP Record.

The wooden LP is like a 12" record in style, it has a spiral groove running around the LP (please note this is NOT a working record, the grooves are just for the design style), and then in the centre of the LP Record clock is space to have your own LP Cover engraved, you can choose any artist and name of song you want to be engraved, along with a date if you wish (great for use when used as a gift for a wedding anniversary) and then there is also space for a personal message at the bottom of the wooden LP Clock.

There is a battery operated clock mechanism in the middle (battery not included) that also has a hook for hanging the clock on the wall.

This unique wooden gift would be ideal for an occasion like a wedding anniversary as you could have the name of your first dance at your wedding engraved onto the LP Clock.