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Boxer Dog Lead Holder


Brand Personalised Gifts

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Luxury personalised boxer dog lead holder to hang your dogs lead on. The solid oak holder is personalised with your dogs name at the top and then a wonderful Boxer dog character in the middle of the lead holder and then at the bottom is a lovely sturdy hook to loop your dogs lead(s) and towels on.

Boxer dogs are usually Brindle (like the dog), brown/fawn as the recognised colours and they have a white chest and underbelly. 20 -25% of Boxer dogs that are born are called white boxers because they are predominately all while over their bodies.

The reverse has a cut in the back so that the holder can fit flat against the wall.

The solid oak sign measures 20cm x 14cm and is 2cm thick, the solid hook then sticks out a further 6cm from the face of the piece of oak.