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Pair of jigsaw piece Christmas Tree decorations


Brand Personalised Gifts

These Christmas Tree decorations are for a pair of jigsaw pieces that will fit together with one another but also hang separately on the tree.

The jigsaw design is a lovely idea for a couple who may want a name on each jigsaw piece that are then able to join together.

The tree decorations are made out of our Cherry wood and when joined together measure 17cm x 8cm.

They come with some festive ribbon so you can hang them up on your Christmas tree or elsewhere around you home.
They are equally great for a couple who may not be able to spend Christmas together as symbolically the jigsaw pieces join up and each part of the couple could have one piece of the jigsaw to remind them of the other.

*Please note that the decorations are made out of wood which is a natural product and as such there may be small natural marks within the wood and these are just part of the nature of the product.