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My Dad since keyring | Daddy


Brand Personalised Gifts

Your dad or Granddad are most likely two of your biggest heroes and they worship the ground you walk on. Remind him how special he is with this calendar keyring that has the date you were born on and a message at the top such as

My Dad Since
My Granddad since
The Day you became my Dad
The Day you became my Daddy

and then at the bottom a short Love From message.

In the main part of the keyring will be the calendar date that you were born with your birthday circled on it to remind him of that special day.

To personalise the keyring even more you can add a short personal message to be engraved into the reverse of the wooden keyring too.

If there are more than 1 child then why not add one to each side witht he 2nd calendar option that is available.