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Mr & Mrs Bridal Wedding Horseshoe


Brand Personalised Gifts

Personalised Mr & Mrs Bridal wedding wooden horseshoes.

Measuring 11cm x 10cm they make a beautiful wedding gift keepsake to give to a bride or groom on their wedding day.
The Lucky Bridal horseshoe is engraved with the wedding date around the edge of the wooden horseshoe and then the intricate detail of the Mr & Mrs plus the married name are carefully cut out inside of the wooden lucky horseshoe.

At the top of the horseshoe are 2 heart shaped holes cut out where ribbon or string can be attached to hang the Brides horseshoe.

When ordering, if the couple if not a Mr & Mrs then please inform us if we need to change it to Mrs & Mrs or Mr & Mr etc.

Due to letter spacing it may be required that the joining hearts may need to move position or we may need to add in an extra heart to make sure it all works.
We also don't recommend any names longer than around 8 characters as the lettering really has to start getting much smaller and more fragile to fit in the horse shoe.