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Large Personalised Wedding Storage Box



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These large wooden storage boxes come engraved with a Bride & Groom, along with their name and the date of their wedding on the lid of the storage box.

The large box measures 45cm(l) x 32cm(w) x 25cm(h) and the lid is able to be fully lifted off the box. There are hand carry holes in each side of the box making it a great box to carry or transport with ease.

This box would make a lovely lasting keepsake for any newly married couple, they can either store lots of their wedding keepsakes in the box or they can use it as a day to day storage box around the home, either way with the box being personalised to their special wedding day it is a gift that they will treasure.

The picture and details are actually engraved into the wood and not just printed on so they will be there as a lasting mark in the wooden wedding gift box.