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Father Christmas Lost Button



These large 2" wooden Father Christmas buttons are a great way to add that extra bit of magic to Christmas morning to show that Father Christmas has paid them a visit in the night.

The wooden button is engraved with the message "Property of Father Christmas" and then at the bottom the initials "FC" for Father Christmas.

It's amazing how often Father Christmas loses his buttons on Christmas Eve flying all around the world, little wonder with all that he does that he loses some on his travels going up and down all those chimneys.

Children wonder at this amazing treasure that shows that Father Christmas was in their home. It will be kept as a treasured keepsake that could be left out for Father Christmas the next year to collect perhaps with a note next to his mince pie and drink.

The lost Father Christmas Button measures 5.2cm and has 4 holes in the middle, it is made out of a cherry veneer wood and is 3.2mm thick.