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Promotional Wooden Keyrings


Brand Personalised Gifts

Engraved wooden promotional keyrings make a great impression and way to market your business or event. You can have any shape or design for your promotional keyrings to suit what you require and your branding.

Please contact us for custom promotional wooden keyrings

This listing is for standard round promotional keyrings measuring 3.5cm in diameter with the engraving just on one side of the keyring, they also come with a triangle connector and a split ring so they can be used as a keyring.

We can make these larger or smaller and also different shapes, for custom requests please contact us to sort pricing for your specific requirements (the 2nd image shows different styles and shapes we have done and with different fastening options - please not please contact us for any specific enquiries and we will get back to you ASAP).

Example pricing based on quantities as per above standard keyring with any artwork ready and single sided engraving (the prices below are excluding VAT so VAT would need to be added to them).

Quantity Price
(Excluding VAT)

Price per unit
(Excluding VAT)

25 £62.50 £2.50
50 £100 £2.00
75 £135 £1.8
100 £175 £1.75
150 £225 £1.50
200 £240 £1.20
300 £330 £1.10
500 £500 £1.00
1000 £900 £0.90

The promotional wooden engraved keyrings are engraved with your logo, event, contact details, website or message into the wood, these can be done either on just 1 side or both sides.

The price of £0.19 is the price for a generic non-personalised sample of the round 3.5cm keyrings, if you'd like a single sample of a 2cm customised keyring then please choose "Single Customised Sample" or alternatively contact us with what you are after.

We are able to produce promo keyrings from smaller orders upto orders requiring many thousands depending on what you require.

This listing is NOT for customers who are after individual one off orders but customers who are after larger quantities of promotional wooden keyrings for their business or event so please don't be offended if requests for personal 1 off orders are refused (please contact us separately for any of these requests as we will do our best to create them for you).