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Pocket Hug - Isolation Gift


Brand Personalised Gifts

The price is per 1 Pocket Hug with attached to personalised card (you choose Pocket Hug design you want).
Small wooden pocket hug, the perfect gift for those who are in isolation or who are apart from the people they love and care about.

The pocket hug is a small wooden disk measuring 30mm in diameter, small enough to fit into someones pocket to keep with them throughout the day so they know that you are thinking about them and care.

With the country & world currently in the middle of a lockdown where we are having to self isolate and keep our social distance we are not able to see family and friends that we love and care about. So you can send them this small token Pocket Hug that they.

We have designed 4 different Pocket Hugs that you can choose from and we will be donating £1 from the sale of every NHS Pocket Hug to the NHS Charities in recognition of the amazing work that they are doing dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are happy to post these direct to the person you want to receive them, however if you want more than one going to different addresses then you will need to do separate transactions for each different address.

Depending  if your message lists 1 person as the sender or more than 1 we will change the poem to read "I" or "We".
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