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Wooden Father's Day Card



These amazing wooden Father's Day cards will be a lifelong keepsake for any Dad if he receives this for Father's Day.

The wooden cards are made out of a cherry wood veneer and measure 14cm x 9.5cm. At the top the greeting is "Happy Father's Day" and then below it is cut out DAD, DADDY or GRANDAD (depending on what you want your card to say).

Below this is a short saying depednig on if the card is from a Son or a Daughter. If it is from a Son then the saying is "A son't first hero!", if it is from a daughter then it says "A Daughter's first love". If it is to a Grandad then it has the following "Grandads are there to help children get into the mischief they haven't thought of yet".

At the bottom half of the card is space for your own personal message and greeting to really make these wooden father's day cards extremely special. Each card comes with it's own brown envelope to seal the card up in.