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Wooden Name Badge


Brand Personalised Gifts

Contact Us for Custom pricing for Wooden Name Badges that can vary greatly depending on numbers required!

Wooden name badges are a lovely way for your staff to have their names on show at your business. Also we can produce these for events if you need delegates or visitors to have an individual name badge or a whole run of ones the same.

The engraved wooden name badges can be custom designed to your size and shape and logo, we can engrave and cut out your customer wood name badges to fit your requirements.

We offer different fitting types, either a metal pin or you have the option of magnetic fastenings if you don't want pins going into clothing. We can also cut holes into these if you want them to fit through a lanyard for example too.

The wooden badges add that extra bit of class and sustainability too.

We can add names, position, company name, company logo and engrave all these into the wooden badge. The larger the quantity required of the same design of wooden badge the better we can make the price for them but we can also do small orders for any shops or restaurants that don't need lots of name badges.

***Please Contact us for pricing along with your requirements and we can give you a custom tailored quote for what you require.The £14.99 price is the price for a 1 off individual badge with one of our existing templates as per the images in the listing on this page. Pricing for larger orders and custom designed ones will not be at this price.