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Personalised Santa's / Father Christmas snack board



Christmas eve and christmas morning is a very busy time for Father Christmas and it is extremely hard work which is why leaving out a mince pie and glass of sherry (or Sanat's favourite snack or drink) is very important to make sure he can keep working all through the night, not forgetting Rudolph and the other reindeer needing somethign to keep them going too which is why Santa will be filled with festive spirit when he sees this personalised snack board with a place to leave a snack, drink and also something for Rudolph along with a message on the board thanking him from who he is delivering the presents for.

You just need to choose if you want the big man in the red suit refereed to as Father Christmas or Santa and then the name or names of the children who are leaving out the snack board for him.

These will all then be engraved onto the snack board ready to be left out on Christmas eve!

The Santa board measured 20cm x 30cm and is made out of wood.